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Kings is a privately run swim school and leading provider of swimming lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities in Christchurch. You’re not just paying for swimming lessons you are investing in your child being safer in, on and around water!

Learning to swim is a process that should commence at the earliest possible age. As with all education for young children, swimming is an ongoing learning program that takes time and practice. Like literacy and numeracy, it is an ongoing learning process…a skill for life, that’s why Kings Swim School is the “school in the pool”.

Kings is proud of its carefully designed program to transfer children more safely from land to water. Our lessons operate continuously throughout the year, breaking over the Christmas and New Year period – you can join the program at any time!

Our structured program will take your child through the logical pathway that will ensure greater confidence of being in, on and under the water. Then progress to the learn to swim phases of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.


“Dear Kings Swim School,

We just wanted to say we LOVED safety day today. Could we please have it again next week? This is what we liked doing:

Sophie H liked going on the boat.

Paige liked jumping off the side of the boat.

Jake liked when we went way down to the deep end and when we floated on our life-jackets.

Sophie T liked going on the edge of the big pool and jumping in.

Jack liked wearing the life jackets.

Rylee liked having the life jackets on and taking one step forward so she went into the pool. She liked flipping over on her back and going back to the platform.

Lucy is looking forward to jumping in the deep end and flipping over. She is going to blow bubbles out of her nose while she does it."

From Room 3
Thorrington School