Providing high-quality swim education
for all ages and abilities

Kings Swim School is a privately run swim school and leading provider of swimming lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities in Christchurch. You’re not just paying for swimming lessons you are investing in your child being safer in, on and around water! Find the best swim lessons in Christchurch!

Learning to swim is a process that should commence at the earliest possible age. As with all education for young children, swimming is an ongoing learning program that takes time and practice. Like literacy and numeracy, it is an ongoing learning process…a skill for life, that’s why Kings Swim School is the “school in the pool”.

Kings is proud of its carefully designed program to transfer children more safely from land to water. Our lessons operate continuously throughout the year, breaking over the Christmas and New Year period – you can join the program at any time!

Our structured program will take your child through the logical pathway that will ensure greater confidence of being in, on and under the water. Then progress to the learn to swim phases of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Swimming Lessons in Christchurch for all ages!


“Kings Swim School stands out for its quality teaching and approachability. I have been working collaboratively with Kings for the past 8 years, providing swimming instruction for our 120+ Year 7/8 students each year. The team is hugely supportive and works with us to provide a programme based on the needs of our learners. They share detailed feedback, identifying the student’s strengths and next steps. Nothing is a problem and over the years we have been able to revise and refine the programme to ensure we all get the best out of each session. I look forward to many more years working together.”

Bruce Rodger

Kind regards,
Bruce Rodger
Team 7/8 Leader / HOD Sport
Avonhead School

Kings Swim School Christchurch