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Frequently Asked Questions

Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and have fun, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before diving in.

Here are some FAQs about swimming lessons at Kings Swim School to help you get started.

If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to get in touch by giving us a call on 03 341 7579 or using our contact form.

New Zealand is an island nation. We are no more than 40 minutes to a beach, river, lake or stream. A lot of our recreational activities are water-based and being able to swim will ensure that you or your child can safely be part of the fun. Learning to swim at an early age also delivers a lot of developmental benefits.

Water Safety NZ has recommended that every person in NZ should be able to confidently swim 200m continuously and competently – ie. 8 lengths of our pool. However, swimming is an activity that needs continual practice. If you stop, you may go backwards in fitness and technique.

Yes. Not only does it keep hair out of their face when they are swimming it keeps their head warm and our water clean! Caps and swimming costumes can be bought from our shop onsite.

We believe that technique at the early stages is very important. If a beginner swimmer swims one length poorly – without feedback they are learning bad habits. We stop swimmers at halfway so we can communicate with them and give them feedback on how to improve.

No. We do not and cannot provide catch-up lessons for swimmers who choose to do other activities at their lesson time. We will however consider a credit for a lesson missed through medical reasons; if three or more consecutive lessons are missed. A medical certificate is required. Credits are not transferable.

At Kings our Deck Supervisors are there to help swimmers, parents and tutors with any needs and questions. If you have questions regarding your child, please talk to our Deck Supervisor and not your child’s tutor. They can then discuss any needs or concerns with your child’s tutor if needed.

Simple, we are all different. You should never compare your child to other children as everyone has different learning and physical capabilities. Developmental stages must always be considered. Just like school, children are in different reading and math groups etc.

Babies and Preschool child: parent ratio

Snugglefish 6:1

Cuddlefish 6:1

Pufferfish 6:1

Wigglefish 6:1

Bubblefish 6:1

Clownfish 5:1

Tiddler 3:1

Babies and Preschool child: parent ratio

Level 1 to 3 – 4:1

Level 4 – 4:1

Level 5 – 5:1

Level 6 to 11 – 6:1

No. At Kings we operate to a perpetual booking system. This means children can enter the program at any stage of the year and can move through levels as their skills develop rather than waiting out the term to move up. Swimming is a skill like reading and writing that needs regular practice. Continuing lessons through the school holidays ensures your child’s skill level and confidence is not forgotten. We also run a Holiday Program through the school holidays. Please see the Deck Supervisor or reception for more information.

Yes. Please contact [email protected] for an information pack.

Yes. This is not a public pool so you need to supervise your child/children before and after lessons.

We understand that consistency is an important factor for development and we try our best to ensure your child/children are able to have the same teacher each week. However, we cannot foresee illness and due to a lot of our teachers attending university we need to support them when changes are made to their university commitments. Our rigorous staff training program and lesson planning at Kings easily enables our teachers to relieve for each other.

We take children from the age of 3 months!

That’s fantastic! You’re best to talk to Todd for further information. Todd currently coaches the Vikings Swim Club which is based at Kings. For information regarding the Vikings Swim Club please email [email protected].

No. At Kings we provide a learning environment without the use of flotation devices to ensure your child develops mobility and buoyancy independently

Yes, feel free to pop in and observe before booking. Please let reception know who you are and why you are there.

Swimming through the winter months is the most important thing you can do to prepare a child for the summer months of beach and pool visits. Ensuring their skills remain at a level where they could save their own life if the unthinkable accident was to occur is so important, even during winter.  Not only that, but it may also provide health benefits including a stronger immune system!

Kings currently offers the first lesson free for new swimmers, providing you enrol and book a minimum of 4 lessons (book 4, pay for 3). This can be a good way to see how your child responds to lessons with our instructors.

You can use our handy online assessment tool to work out what class is best suited to your child. If you are still not sure, just contact our team and we can advise, or you can bring your child in for an assessment in the pool.

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