School Age Children

After School Program

Our structured levelling system is based on skill. Our program aims to teach your child to be safe and confident around water whilst they learn proper form and technique. At King’s we do not wait until the end of the term to assess our swimmers; they can move up levels when they are ready. This continual assessment allows our teachers to meet the individual needs of the swimmer. This also means your child can join the program at any time! We do perpetual lessons all year so our program does not work around the school term.

There are no shortcuts in learning to swim well and creating the proper foundation will set skills for a lifetime. All of our classes incorporate Water Safety.

From Levels 1 to 10/11 – this is a skill based rather than an age-based program.

Our lesson times

Monday – Friday: 3.15pm – 7.00pm and Saturday: 8.30am – 1:30pm

Transition Squads: Wednesday 6:15pm to 7:00pm, Friday 3:30 – 4.15pm, 4.15pm – 5.00pm, 5.00pm – 5:45pm and Saturday 12:45pm – 1:30pm

Please feel free to ask our Deck Supervisor for a brief run down on our levelling system.

To make a booking give us a call (03)341 7579 and we will book you in for a free assessment to ensure your child is placed in the correct level for his/her ability.

Main pool 20 x 6 metres, .9 —1.35 metres deep (heated to 30.5 degrees)
Small pool is 6 x 5 metres, .75 —.85 metres deep (heated to 33.5 degrees)

Membership Cost

$19.00 per lesson

$41.90 per child for one on one private lessons

Quotes from a recent parent survey

…It has been a great experience making the switch to Kings after some time away (it’s more like the Australian Swim Schools which is great!)

…I’ve been hugely impressed with everything experienced at Kings.

…The tutors we’ve had, have all been awesome – really patient and able to assess where our daughter is at and adjust the lesson to suit.

Kings Swim School Christchurch